Rosemont Resident Stories

Freed from daily chores of maintaining a house, our residents share an energizing camaraderie and a fresh sense of adventure. We asked them to share their own stories about retirement living at Rosemont. Hear for yourself why they made the choice. The true luxury of independent living for people 62 and better is not that you feel rich, but that life becomes so much richer.

Personal Stories of Life Lived Large

A Community of Friends

Fred and Joyce

FRED: Joyce and I met 70 years ago in Kansas and have been married for 10 years. It’s a long story!

Anyway, we like Rosemont’s location because it’s near our church and some of our kids — whom we see often. And we’re close to Bryn Mawr shopping and the King of Prussia Mall. We drive our car there or take Rosemont’s convenient van.

What I like most about Rosemont are the people. We know just about everyone, and many of the residents have become good friends. There’s always somebody to talk to. It’s the kind of community where everyone helps one another. You see examples of caring and generosity here every day. This is truly a community of friends.

JOYCE: There’s so much to do here. I volunteer at the library. I’m active in our Bible study group, and I head the residents’ Friendship Fund and Unicef drive. I enjoy keeping busy! Fred and I love our cottage. It’s a little bigger than the apartments. We have a great kitchen where we love to cook for our guests and ourselves. In the summer, we entertain often on our deck. The garden views are truly breathtaking.

When the weather’s good, Chefs Chris and Ron will grill steaks, seafood and fresh vegetables, served on the veranda of the mansion. Those brunches and dinners are always a treat. We just attended the party celebrating Rosemont’s 60th anniversary. The folks here really know how to have fun!

Personal Growth


I grew up in southwest Philadelphia, near 60th and Woodlawn. We moved there in 1938. My father made water ice, and I helped sell it, which was fun. I got married in ’58. At that time, my husband was working for General Electric.

After many years together, I was on my own when I received an invitation to lunch at Rosemont. My daughter and daughter-in-law joined me for a visit. Everybody was so friendly! It made a BIG impression. I put a deposit down on my apartment that very day, and here I am!

There’s so much you can do at Rosemont…we have fitness classes, films, and I love gardening. I love the view of the garden from my window. It’s beautiful in all four seasons, but I really love when the flowers bloom in the spring. Last year, I grew some beautiful tomatoes and zucchini. I gave them to Chef Ron, and the kitchen made a delicious salad and zucchini bread with them, which was very nice.

The menu is always great. There are so many choices, and everything is made fresh. If you give the chefs a favorite recipe, they’ll make it for you! In fact, we have our own dining committee that works with the chefs to plan our menus. They do a great job, but what I enjoy most is eating together with a great group of friends. I could not ask for a more genuine and generous community.