Five Reasons Why Downsizing Is Rightsizing

Are you considering downsizing? There are a lot of reasons why the decision can help you focus on fulfillment and experience a life you may never have known before. Here are five major upsides to downsizing.

  1. Shedding responsibilities and gaining freedom
    Would you rather spend months and years cleaning, mowing and repairing —or traveling, learning and creating? Without daily chores and the pressures of maintaining a house, you’re free to devote yourself to your true interests. When you make the move to a maintenance-free retirement community, you’ll have much more time to do the things you want to do, not the things you have to do.
  2. Unpacking a fulfilling future
    When you’ve made the exciting decision to start a new chapter, it can be a big job deciding which possessions to keep, then packing and moving all of them to your new residence. Tips to make it easier: Start small, in one room that’s not used often. Divide items into categories (books, clothes, etc.) and tackle one at a time. Get rid of duplicates, from kitchen tools to linens. Only keep items that are needed. The best tip of all: hire a professional. There are packing and planning experts who can work with you to alleviate the stress and make your move go more smoothly. Ask one of our team members for referrals to moving specialists that we and our residents trust.
  3. Living a big life
    When you make a change in your residence, you have the opportunity to consider living choices where everything is included, from utilities to insurance to maintenance. With some options, a thoughtfully designed residence is just one part of the overall lifestyle. For instance, life at the “Estate Community” of Rosemont also includes beautiful grounds with acres of well-tended gardens, a spacious performing arts center, a natural light art studio and even an elegant mansion in which to entertain family and friends.
  4. The opportunity to explore new directions
    Change is an exciting chance to try out a new path in life. Options include a community for people 62 and better that offers opportunities like superb restaurant-style dining, a wide variety of fitness classes and enriching social and cultural programming. Plus, if being near family and friends is a priority, it isn’t necessary to move far — living close to the people you love can actually boost happiness.
  5. A smart plan for the future
    Realistically, no one can know what the future will hold. Planning ahead lets you stay in control of your decisions, even if your health changes. And rather than feeling upset about the changes, your children may be relieved, knowing that you have planned for a secure future. If you are considering a change, it’s good to communicate with your family that your precious memories are not tied to the family home, but that you’ll enjoy making new ones with them in a new location.

Are you considering downsizing? We invite you to explore maintenance-free living for people 62 and better at our beautiful Main Line “Estate Community.”

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