Featured Events January

Take a look at the exclusive events for Rosemont residents. Here’s a few highlights of the month!

Happy Birthday, Ben

One of the most influential and fascinating shapers of our nation, Benjamin Franklin made contributions to government, science and philosophy that pay dividends even now. In honor of Ben’s January 17 birthday, actor Bill Orchester brings this legendary statesman to life.

Wine Down Wednesday with Alice Dustin

Rosemont hosts award-winning Main Line oil painter Alice Dustin for a relaxing opportunity to appreciate the finer points of fine art and fine wine.

Honoring Dr. King

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, popular performers Steven Pollack and Marcus Chaney present an uplifting musical tribute to the civil rights champion.

Truly Grand Piano

Celebrated pianist and Rosemont favorite Jeff Uhlig shares his tremendous talent with the latest installment of his concert series.

Tracing the Family Tree

Longtime Main Line resident Susan E. Evans has collected and curated her family history for over 30 years, earning the National Genealogical Society’s Scholarship for Online Study in the process. She shares a how-to overview on getting started, where to search and how to trace a family tree.

January Trips:


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