Local Main Line Estate and Mansion Featured in New Film

Beaupré Mansion, Part of Presby’s Inspired Life, Used as Set.

Philadelphia’s Main Line has always had an aura of wealth and glamour. Recently, filmmakers took notice of the exquisite architecture and gilded age marvels of this area of Delaware County, including the Beaupré mansion, once owned by the Cassatt family and now part of Presby’s Inspired Life’s Rosemont campus.

In the summer of 2017, the creators of a new short film, entitled “The Underhanded Free Throw,” contacted Rosemont about using the mansion as a set for their film. The movie was written and directed by Cynthia Wilker. “The Underhanded Free Throw is my third short film. Each of my films address social issues that I believe are relevant and meaningful in today’s world,” says Wilker. The movie features a wealthy widow who is forced to confront her past, including issues of class and race. It is currently being screened on the national independent film circuit.

The mansion at Rosemont can be seen at several points in the film, including its iconic Green Room and gorgeously appointed Great Room. “We are so very lucky to be able to share one of Philadelphia’s most iconic estates with the wider community,” says Judee Bavaria, president and CEO of Presby’s Inspired Life. “The Beaupré mansion is a gem from another era that today serves as one of the most unique and desirable communities in the Philadelphia area for people 62 and better.”

Originally built in 1902 on 200 acres of Delaware County farmland, the Beaupré mansion is nestled in the upscale residential neighborhood of Rosemont. The house was built as a gift for Robert Kelso Cassatt, son of Pennsylvania railroad baron Alexander Cassatt and nephew of famed artist Mary Cassatt. It features the original French chateau style, making it one of the grand gilded age mansions that continue to define Philadelphia’s famed Main Line.