Rosemont Residents Share Culinary Heritage

ROSEMONT, Pa. (October 9, 2017) —We all have memories that can be triggered by a certain flavor or food. By taking one bite, we are transported back to a distinct moment in time, if only for a split second. Whether it’s the taste of your aunt’s holiday cookies, your mom’s signature pasta dish or a fruity beverage enjoyed on the beach during vacation, our mind connects flavors to memories that can last a lifetime. For Adele Heilig and her family, that flavor is her famous peach custard pie.

For years, her family has enjoyed this unique recipe on special occasions, forever connecting Adele’s pie to life’s magical moments. Now, thanks to a new initiative, she is introducing this special dish to a whole new community — her friends and neighbors at Rosemont, a Presby’s Inspired Life community for people 62 and better.

Adele is just one of many of residents at Rosemont who have a love for cooking. They have each gathered a lifetime of recipes, passed down in their families for generations. These recipes represent the cultural and culinary memories of many places, including Philadelphia, but taking the time cook enough to share with everyone can be challenging.

Recognizing this, the culinary team at Rosemont started to explore ways for residents to share their delicious memories with their neighbors. Rosemont’s Head Chef Ron Andrews, and Director of Dining Chris Musselman, teamed up to create their own Heirloom Recipe Program. Through their efforts, residents can submit family recipes for consideration to be included on the menu in Rosemont’s signature Cassatt Dining Room. Adele’s peach custard pie is one such recipe that was chosen. It was a huge hit with residents and team members alike.

“The residents are ecstatic and very appreciative. When Adele entered our beautiful dining room and saw her recipe being featured, it was a powerful moment. Then she tasted it. Memories of all the times she made someone smile with that peach custard pie came flooding back. The smile on her face said it all!” said Chris.

Adele wasn’t the only one smiling, either. Her friends and neighbors raved about her pie and are looking forward to having it again it the future. However, there are still many more of their neighbors’ recipes to try, such as Peg’s turkey and sweet potato shepherd’s pie, Scotty’s graham cracker brownies, and Sandy’s sweet and sour carrot salad.

Would you like to learn more about how Rosemont is keeping culinary history alive through the Heirloom Recipe Program? I’d like to personally invite you to visit Rosemont and take a taste for yourself. Adele, Chris and Ron would love to give you a tour! Just give me a call at the number above, or shoot me an email, and we’ll get the process rolling!

ABOUT ROSEMONT The estate community of Rosemont is a Presby’s Inspired Life community, which opened in 1955 along the historic Main Line. Rosemont offers elegant retirement living options in 234 accommodations with outstanding services and amenities.

ABOUT PRESBY’S INSPIRED LIFE Presby’s Inspired Life is a not-for-profit, faith-based organization that provides continuing care and Affordable Housing for more than 3,000 people 62 and better, across more than 30 communities throughout greater Philadelphia.